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About our pricing

The prices are listed in JPY per page. Standard page includes 250 words, which is typed in Arial font 12pt, double-spaced. All prices shown are tax inclusive and there are no extra charges.

The price for the order depends on:

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Type of Task

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Our helpful extras

Preferred writer’s category

Choose one of the 3 writer’s categories: Basic, Advanced, or TOP. You can also hire your previous writer by the writer’s ID in the order form. Preferred writers cost more on 24-hour deadlines.


VIP customer service

It makes your order our #1 priority, ensures sms-alerts to help you track order updates on the go, and guarantees fast assistance of our VIP support team.


Plagiarism report

Official report on the level of plagiarism, if any. Get up to 10 double-spaced pages at $9.99 ($1 extra for each extra page), and up to 5 single-spaced pages ($2 extra for each extra page). We have special access to Turnitin. It means that your paper will be checked but not stored in their database. So you can also order a report from it. The price for this option is $29.99.


Abstract page

Recommended for the APA format, it summarizes the essence of your paper. Whether it is one of the paper requirements or your decision to add the page to your paper, it will help the reader get the main idea.


Table of contents/Outline

A brief list of all chapters and parts of your paper that will be properly formatted.


Editor's check

Additional proofreading of the completed paper done by the expert editor. Includes check of grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, stylistic, etc. The price will be calculated upon order details.

Sources used

Digital copies of the sources used in .doc/.docx/.pdf formats or, alternatively, as print screens, images of the referenced pages.



The writer can add charts or graphics to your paper based on the data provided by you. It will help your reader perceive information that is presented in digits.


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Our discounts

for orders exceeding ¥ 50,000 


for orders exceeding ¥100,000

Have a discount code? Copy paste it to the “Enter a promo code” field in the order form. You can apply any code only on orders that are ¥3,000 or more and before submitting them. Discounts cannot be combined and are not refundable as well as all used extras that have been added to the order.